June 27, 2017
Workplace Wellness Includes Safety

That’s the message Team Fireball shared at the 12th annual WANY conference on June 9th.

Workplace Wellness is a hot amenity offered at hundreds of coworking spaces in various forms. Whether you’re looking for morning yoga, a 10-minute chair massage or lunch and learn about nutrition there is something for nearly every member in a coworking space.

One aspect of Workplace Wellness may be overlooked, however

How safe someone feels in a coworking or shared workspace can influence both productivity and the likelihood that clients continue to use their membership.

Team Fireball is a member of LifeWorking Coworking in Lake Forest, Illinois, a Northshore suburb of Chicago. In addition to fire and life safety, Debbie Pickus, Founder and CEO explains that coworking owners should share and expanded view of safety with their members.

“We find that some of the coworking spaces we’ve visited have no one at the front desk or are not particularly concerned about who comes in and uses the space. This is a red flag to me, especially when we’ve experienced this at downtown urban locations.”

Pickus adds, “You never know who is coming in to the space or their motivation when it’s a non-member.” Simply having a person greet everyone coming into the space could be a “safety” measure as well as creating a welcoming environment.

Recent events in the US alone have brought safety to light: workplace shootings by disgruntled employees or estranged spouses of current employees are just two recent cases. Other disturbing scenarios involve workplace harassment, theft and cyber-crime.

Just like a fire drill, providing the tools for members to deploy in an emergency protects members and coworking owners, reducing risk and potential liability.

Pickus shares a few points for awareness:

  • What is the person’s demeanor? (relaxed or nervous)
  • Are they making eye contact with you?
  • Do they want to walk right in or do they stop at the desk?
  • What is their posture like?
  • Have you seen them before and has their behavior changed from previous experience?

These are just a few behaviours to be aware of when someone enters your space, whether in the parking lot, the elevator or getting coffee.  Remember, if something doesn’t “feel”right it’s probably not.

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