March 28, 2016
LifeWorking Lake Forest Coworking in Chicago Tribune as Startup Hub


LifeWorking Enterprises was mentioned in March 22nd’s edition of the Lake Forester, Lake Forest’s local newspaper published by the Chicago Tribune. LifeWorking Lake Forest Coworking was mentioned as the host of the The Lake Forest Business Accelerator. The Business Accelerator, started by Susan Kelsey, was created to expand economic development for the city of Lake Forest, with the aim of helping local start-up businesses have a place to call home. LifeWorking’s Lake Forest CoWorking Spaces offers office spaces to many small businesses and start-ups looking for affordable renting options for their businesses, and its central location makes it the best option for many Lake Forest businesses.



LifeWorking Lake Forest Coworking Brings Startups and Small Businesses Together



The Lake Forester article explains what LifeWorking’s Coworking Spaces provides to Lake Foresters, saying “The new space will offer technology, collaboration rooms, lockers, printers, a cafe, mailboxes and other resources, according to a news release”. In addition to the typical coworking amenities that are offered to LifeWorking Coworking members, the Business Accelerator’s new location within LifeWorking’s space is located much closer to local cafes, restaurants, and the city center than its previous location.


More About the Business Accelerator

From the city of Lake Forest’s Business Accelerator page:

“The Accelerator’s mission is to create a hyper-local community eco-system of new and growing businesses and network them with local resources.  The City is focused on supporting the next generation of businesses by providing resources custom-made for local businesses, creating culture and connections for entrepreneurs to be successful.  The Lake Forest Business Accelerator created CAN (Lake County Accelerator Network) to link all resources available for small and start-up businesses.”


Are you interested in learning how LifeWorking Lake Forest Coworking Spaces can support your small business or startup?  Visit our website to learn more about affordable office space options, businesses located near LifeWorking’s Lake Forest location, and what LifeWorking can offer your small business or startup!

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