July 15, 2016
LifeWorking Featured on Mayor Schoenheider’s Livability & Mobility Presentation

LifeWorking Coworking in Lake Forest Featured on Mayor Schoenheider’s Livability & Mobility Presentation


LifeWorking Coworking was featured as a key player in the Mayor of Lake Forest/Lake Bluff’s presentation on Livability and Mobility improvements to the local area. The city intends to implement changes and improvements that will encourage hungry millennials and young families to live and work in the North Shore suburb.


The presentation begins with a handful of facts about the Millennial generation, setting this group as the main target audience of the initiatives. Some interesting Millennial facts include:

  • 65% of today’s grade schoolers will hold jobs that don’t yet exist.
  • Millennials want walkability and convenience.
  • Last year, Millennials, the largest generation in American history, purchased 35 percent of homes sold in the U.S.


The takeaway from these millennial facts? The millennial market is technologically advanced, innovative and flexible in career choices and lifestyle options, and much of the market has entered the buying funnel for purchasing a home.


The city of Lake Forest’s livability & mobility initiatives hope to attract the following demographics to the area:

  • New residents
  • Young families
  • Visitors to shop and dine
  • New Businesses and Entrepreneurs
  • Students

It’s no surprise LifeWorking Coworking is very attractive to the target generation. The coworking space connects directly with those looking to distance themselves from the traditional aspects of both work and play, creating a lifestyle that fits what appeals to the Millennial generation the most. What makes Lake Forest a great location for those looking for high “Livability” scores? Lake Forest offers access to good healthcare, top-rated schools for children, cultural art and performance centers, diverse housing and neighborhoods, the lowest taxes in Lake County, and most importantly, a safe and supportive community. The Lake Forest community hopes that the addition of LifeWorking Coworking and similar non-traditional professional spaces will continue to appeal to the Millennial market as these individuals begin entering parenthood, home ownership, and explore new career opportunities.


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Coworking Spaces and Livability

Drawing the younger market to the North Shore isn’t the only thing the Mayor hopes coworking spaces will do for the area. In addition to outlining the benefits of flexible working opportunities on the community members, the Mayor also described the value of coworking spaces like LifeWorking Coworking as a way to draw new business opportunities to the local community. LifeWorking Coworking space can host up to 200 small businesses and startups on site, and its several hundred projected coworking members can mean big revenue increases for local restaurants and retail shops.


LifeWorking Coworking is a proud member of and active participant in the Lake Forest community, and looks forward to continuing to help the local area flourish and prosper, both currently and for future generations. Are you interested in learning how LifeWorking Lake Forest Coworking Spaces can benefit you?  Visit our website to learn more about affordable office space options, businesses located near LifeWorking’s Lake Forest location, and what LifeWorking can offer you!




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